BJ Hutchins


IQAOregon.com is the home of Inspection and Quality Assurance, Inc. and IQA Home Inspections, Inc. The former was incorporated in 2009 to contain a welding inspection service, but in time our services have expanded, which eventually prompted the creation of a second entity.

IQAOregon.com and its affiliate businesses were founded and are operated by BJ Hutchins.  BJ grew up in Dallas, OR and moved to Salem, OR in the late 90’s.  He is a native Oregonian and the Willamette Valley and Coast and Cascade Mountain Ranges have been his backyard.

BJ was taught to work hard and to take pride in his work. He has developed a name for himself as a dedicated and hard worker that will settle for nothing less than quality craftsmanship and service.

BJ’s experience, skills, and talents are expansive having worked in a variety of trades and at a variety of levels within companies by whom he was employed.  For over 20 years BJ has performed the gamut from laboring in the trenches mucking mud to arguing over strategic planning in the war room.

BJ is known for his ability to analyze a problem and think outside of the box.  Design for manufacturability, manufacturing consultation, performance indicator development, operations and project management, planning, analysis, certified inspections, quality system development, personnel assessment, training and development, manufacturing technologies; these are just a few of the areas where he has provided value to companies locally and abroad.

BJ is working hard to expand on this very page by developing and employing a team of highly qualified professionals that make up the IQA Team and that expand the capabilities of the company positively impacting our local economy, neighbors and friends.

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