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The rain has arrived, for those of us that have procrastinated (yes we Home Inspectors are guilty too) its time to take a look at your exterior caulking. Siding seams, window frames, wall penetrations, etc. should all be well sealed to avoid moisture intrusion and water damage, but be careful, there are some areas that should not be caulked because they are drainage points. Some moisture comes from within the home and works its way out.

Our advice is to inspect your caulking, if you find what appears to be missing caulking or split or cracked caulking contact a few local contractors in good standing with the CCB and get a quote for caulking maintenance. At minimum do some research before tackling the job yourself, its not a difficult task, but there are “Do’s and Don’ts” to caulking.

Buy good quality sealants and repair the caulking properly, a half day of maintenance and less than a hundred dollars in materials can literally save you thousands of dollars later.

Raining outside? Check the interior! Bathtubs, showers, sinks, and the interior side of windows.

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