Check your contractor out!

November 6, 2018 bjhutchins No comments exist

I’ve been hearing more and more horror stories from folks getting burned by contractors and feel obligated to speak up.

There are a lot of new contractors out there trying to take advantage of the uptick in building activity and some of them may not quite be ready or prepared for the task and some of them just might be downright crooked.

Do your homework and check references on your prospective contractors, not just one or two, if they are quality contractors they should have a list of satisfied customers that you can talk to.

Don’t forget to check the CCB site ( and make sure the contractor(s) that you are looking at are current/active and in good standing with the Oregon CCB.

I don’t mean to suggest that new contractors are the issue, there are some great and not so great new contractors out there and there are plenty of established contractors at both ends of the spectrum as well, so check them all!!

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